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"Dear Krys, Sophie and the A-team, 

Indeed, what a wonderful year. We are so grateful for everything you've done for G. Not only have we been impressed by the endless reserves of creativity we've seen afresh each morning or the fact that by age three he was informing us about the laws of gravity... 
But more than all of that - and the excellent teaching that will have prepared him amply for school, we have appreciated the heart and soul that the whole team puts in: the genuine enthusiasm and love you carry for young children; the passion for your work that is tangible and bubbles over - and the respect, kindness and patience for little children. He has had the best start to his education that we could have dreamed of. Many, many thanks."

"Your influence on I has been transforming and you've played an incredibly large part in making him the confident, caring boy that he is turning into. He is settling into the structure, routine, discipline and long days of school life and I believe, that this is largely as a result of Downside's influence. 
Downside has clearly bridged the gap between pre-school and school as I has transitioned into school, after a six week summer holiday, without any fuss. 
Please keep up your good work. You have a nursery with an amazing atmosphere in which even the least confident child gains confidence. The nursery, as a result of you and your staff is a very nurturing, caring environment and it is clear, from seeing the nursery in action, just how much everyone loves the work that they are doing with the children - very rare qualities. Your enthusiasm for teaching children is so incredibly fresh. We feel blessed to have stumbled upon you."

Thank you so much for everything you have done for W. He has truly blossomed at Downside Nursery and we are so grateful for all your patience and perseverance with our shy little man. He has had a truly wonderful start. Downside Nursery is a VERY special place.

A big thank you for making J's start to school life so wonderful. All the staff are so obviously committed to the children and care for them very much. This is so evident by how much J wants to come to Downside Nursery every day!

Dear Krys and team, Just a quick note to congratulate you all on your recent OFSTED. It's such hard work; and as parents we value you all and our children are very lucky to be in such a happy, nurturing and thriving nursery. Enjoy your success! Regards and thanks.

Thank you so much for a fantastic year. T has loved it and has come on so much. I am so grateful for everything you've done and for your amazing positivity and energy. T loves running to you in the mornings and I am so grateful for the way you welcome him with your lovely smile and enthusiasm.

We feel so lucky to have found your wonderful nursery; a hub of happiness, exploration, adventure and discovery. W will miss you all so much & so will we. Thank you for giving W such a fantastic start to his learning journey; from the discovery of the 'pentagon', painting a kingfisher ... and dressing up as Joseph.

Thank you so much for all of the work you have done this year with both L & R. L especially has really gained confidence & now is ready for school - something we definitely attribute to Downside!

My daughter has just completed her first year at Downside and I am very impressed with the nursery. I have been kept informed of her progress and staff have encouraged her development. She has come home with work which she has shown us with pride.

"Both our boys thoroughly enjoyed their time at Downside, it was the perfect setting for them. Lots of outside play and excellent structure and discipline, preparing them ready for school.I feel the best asset of the nursery is it's staff, they really care and were all very approachable. I loved the nativity and the sports day and the things like the rides on the bus! ... We also loved the fact it made the most of the simple things in life like going on nature walks, tadpoles etc and although it isn't perhaps the all singing and dancing brand new facilities that some nurseries are but I'd choose Downside Nursery every time. 
We would highly recommend Downside to anyone, I always thought of it as a hidden gem!!"

"Her time at Downside nursery was exceptional in every way. The friendliness and professionalism of the staff were second to none and we feel very lucky to have gone to such an outstanding nursery. The skills she learnt at Downside nursery both academic and personal have made her transition to school with ease.

We can't thank all the staff enough for all their kind help and support."


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